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Extreme Performance even in Extreme Environments

Extreme Performance even in Extreme Environments

Elevate your adventure with the leading throttle response controller, now crafted for UTVs. Experience the thrill wherever you go with ShiftPower.

Enhance your UTV’s performance, ensuring unmatched acceleration response. Maximize every off-road journey and turn your route into an unforgettable experience.

Discover the power to conquer any terrain with ShiftPower for UTVs.

Immediate Response:

Eliminate acceleration lag and engage power when you need it.

Quick Mode Selection:

Effortlessly shift between Dynamic, Sport and Race modes with a simple click.


Designed to withstand challenging terrains and conditions.



Smooth response, comfortable acceleration gain. Suitable for use in the city.


Medium-fast response. Suitable for use in the city.

Super Sport

Fast response with sportier touch. Indicated for use on highways.


Extremely aggressive response. Indicated for use on highways, ideal for fast overtaking.

Driving Modes Adjustment

The Eco, Dynamic, Sport, Super Sport, and Race driving modes can be customized through the app for a personalized response, accessible quickly through the button.

App ShiftPower

To allow for maximum customization in your performance, download the SHIFTPOWER app. Available for iOS and Android.

Exclusive Reverse Safe Function: Power and Safety Combined

ShiftPower revolutionizes UTV driving with the ReverseSafe function, automatically detecting the reverse gear to deactivate high-performance modes, ensuring smooth and safe reverse maneuvers. Enjoy a sporty experience without compromising control and safety, even in the most critical situations.

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